Due to huge amount of bans on a daily basis, we are not able to run CSGOBlocks properly at the moment. We will relaunch as soon as we have finished a new system to avoid the ban waves. Don't worry about your balance, they will stay the same during the downtime.


Your best decision for Jackpots & Coinflips

While CSGOBlocks.Com is offline, we are focusing on our new project, Jackpot.GG until CSGOBlocks is back make sure to visit and enjoy our new service.

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Select your withdraw method:

Withdraw CS:GO and PUBG skins

You will transfer your CSGOBlocks balance to BitSkins balance.

The steps bellow will explain to you how to transfer the balance.

Step 1

Log in BitSkins.com

Step 2

Click "Balance" on the top right corner.

Step 3

Choose "BitSkins Coupons" as deposit method.

Warning! Do not close this tab while withdrawing.

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By inviting your friends, you get rewards. Currently, you will get for each user: {{ User.Affiliates.Reward }}. Users will get from your code: 5,000

Warning: Your Test Coins will be reset If you collect incoming.

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## How Does Blocks Work? ##

On the Blocks game you invest on any block on the board, every block has its own multiplier and its own chance. Blocks move from the right to the left, if they arrive at the complete left side you will see if you win or lose. If the block turns green, you win and your investment gets multiplied by block's multiplier, if it turns red, you will lose your investment. You can see information as hash and win percentage above the Blocks field whenever you choose a block.

## How Does BlockFaces Work? ##

At the BlockFaces game you invest on Pops/Happy/Angry Face. At the end of each round 5 faces will be drawn and the winning face will be selected.
Pops/Angry Face wins if they show up 3 times or more.
Happy Face wins if it shows up 1 time or more!
The multiplier for Pops/Angry Face is 1.75x for 3 Faces, 2.1x for 4 Faces and 2.45x for 5 Faces!
The Happyface wins if it shows up atleast 1 time, therefore its multiplier for 1 face is 10x, for 2 faces is 20x and for 3 HappyFaces is 30x.

## What is Test Coins? ##

Test Coins is a currency given out to new players which redeem a referral Code. Users can use those Test Coins to play and get familiar with our games and users still can get an amount of real money while betting those test coins. For every 50.000 wagered Test Coins users will receive a bonus of 500 coins [Max 2,000 Bonus] on their first donate, also all test coins will vanish after the donate.

## Why Was My Balance reset? ##

If your balance reset after donating, it was because users were playing with Test Coins before their first donate.

## What is "Donate"? ##

CSGOBlocks changed the Deposit system to a Donate system, users will donate their skins to the site and as a thanks for the gift they'll receive coins. After the user gave his item as a gift to the sites bot the user will be credited and everything will proceed as normal and as known from the past. The value of each item is clearly seeable in the donate page as it used to be in the deposit page. ! EVERY DONATION WILL BE CREDITED WITH COINS !

## What is Minimum Donation? ##

Minimum donate is currently [B]150.

## I Can Not See New Skins in My Inventory? ##

The inventories are cached for 3 minutes which means they will be updated every third minute.

## Why Do I Get Errors at Donating? ##

If you get an error at your donate it is most likely because you have a trade ban or trade escrow. If you have a trade escrow make sure, that you have your Steam account linked with your mobile phone for more than 7 or 15 Days (depending on Steam level).
You can check if you have trade escrow here: https://amiescrowed.com/
If you have no trade ban or trade escrow and you still get errors, it is because your inventory's privacy is set to private or because Steam has problems.

## Why Do I Get Errors at Withdrawing? ##

If you have errors at withdrawing you should check three things:
1) Is my Inventory private?
2) Is my tradelink wrong?
3) Do I have a trade ban OR trade escrow?
If you have checked these steps and you still have an error, it is most likely because of Steam and you should just try again after a few minutes.  

## What Should I do to Withdraw? ##

In order to withdraw users have to wager 150 Coins. Also users have to wager 75% of EVERY donation, this rule is added to prevent the site from being used as an exchange site. Those limits might be changed in the future.

## Is There a Provably Fair? ##

Of course, there is, our provably fair guarantees that results are not manipulated or changed by someone before It appears. You can check hashes from your "Game History" which is in the your "Profile" page.
For BlockSelector: The hash's format is: SHA256 hash of that string "Secret:Index"
For Blocks: The hash's format is: SHA256 hash of that string "Secret:Ticks"
For BlockFaces: The hash's format is: SHA256 hash of that string "Secret:Face"
For BlocksVersus: The hash's format is: SHA256 hash of that string "Secret:Index"

## How does the affiliate system work in CSGOBlocks? ##

The affiliate system lets anyone earn credits by referring new players to the site. Visit the "Affiliates" page to generate your unique referral code. Share it with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.
Referred users receive 5000 Test Coins as you receive 50 coins and up to 10% commision of each donation that they made.
  When new players use your referral code, they will earn [B]5,000 which is named as test coins. If they wager over [B]50,000 those test coins, they will get [B]500 for each [B]50,000 wager after their first donation and their test coins will be removed.

## Support ##

You must send your any problem / bug / trade error to support@csgoblocks.com with your Steam64ID as subject. You can find your Steam64ID from "Profile" page. Support tickets will be answered in up to 24 hours.

## Partnerships ##

All partnership requests shall be sent through contact@csgoblocks.com with clear information. BEFORE sending any partnership request make sure to read the Sponsorship section. Also, DO NOT send any technical problems to this e-mail address, use our Support e-mail address for those issues.

Blocks Raffles

Play on the site and get a chance to win a FREE prize!

How Does Blocks Raffles Work?

The Raffles were implemented to give back to the community, every player that uses the site will have a chance to win and to be rewarded for his loyalty. The raffles will have different prizes and a different running time depending on the time of the day and the activity of the site. Users will automatically enter the current raffle when they wager coins. For every 1000 wagered coins the user will receive 1 ticket, which will automatically join the current active raffle, you can check your tickets, the total tickets and your percentage to win at any time.

CSGOBlocks says THANK YOU for using our service and for being loyal.

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